About Us | Trust and Confidence in Kortec

When it comes to coating systems, you can’t afford to take chances. Kortec’s approach is tested and proven to work.

We are not in the business of throwing products at a problem until we find the right one. The Kortec Process is all about analysing a client’s needs and designing a solution that meets them accurately and efficiently.

Our focus on P3x means we continually work to improve your process and what Kortec brings to the partnership.

Resources and Services

Our outstanding in-house expertise and capabilities mean that we can break down each element of your process, and build it up again, more efficiently. There’s no second-guessing; each step is tested and proven. So you can be confident, first-hand, that this is the right solution for you.

In addition to this, our industry expertise and strong relationships with leading manufacturers/industry professionals keep us on top of new technologies and updates in legislation.

  • Technical backup for all coating-related concerns
  • Training on all coating products and application
  • Assistance with production lines including application, handling and curing
  • Expert colour matching to any range, sample or concept design
  • Advice on H&S and environmental issues

Our Service Promise

Please download our HALO Promise to see our service committal to you - our partnership goes far further than this but these are points that we guarantee to uphold.

Our Values

Backing all this up are our values - Enjoy the RIDE! We firmly believe that the journey to an Efficient Coating System should be enjoyable for everyone involved; you, your staff and your clients as well as all of the Kortec team.

Whatever your needs, we can help. Call us now on 0333 123 8747 or send us an email.