Case Study: Marpatt
Case Study: Marpatt

Case Study: Marpatt

Delivering industry-leading finish & shorter lead times

Our initial conversations with Marpatt centred on their strategic decision to offer a high gloss finish to their clients to complement their other contemporary styles. They needed an industry-leading quality of finish that could be achieved through a commercially viable process.

Marpatt needed to look closely at how to optimise application time and create as smooth a finish “off-the-gun” to simplify the typically time-consuming sanding and polishing process. Drying and curing times were important factors; both needed to be kept to a minimum to maintain short lead times.

Analysis - Close partnership to achieve the client’s goal

Assessing the good and bad points of other systems, we identified performance drivers that led us to a Sayerlack product. It has excellent flow properties and dries/cures exceptionally quickly. The product does not require extended flash-off prior to oven curing to prevent solvent fizzing. We took the Marpatt team to visit another user of this product and see the system in action. 

Implementation - Assisted product trials and system evaluation 

The Sayerlack technicians worked with us to ensure the Marpatt sprayer achieved the full benefits of this high performance coating. We identified the optimum re-coat period and production processes, and found the best balance between speed of cure and
finish quality.

Testing was undertaken to establish the best application techniques and the fastest burnishing process. Packaging and transportation advice was given, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and minimise any requests for remedial work.

The resulting system required fewer coats at shorter intervals, could be sanded/polished 24 hours sooner, and produced a higher quality finish with two fewer sanding stages than those Marpatt had previously tested. Material costs were confirmed to be competitive.

Ongoing Client Benefits

Launch of the high gloss finishes has been a success, gaining new customers through their unique “any-colour/any quantity” offering and increasing business with existing customers. The outstanding finish gives them significant competitive advantage in the market.

Marpatt appreciate Kortec’s prompt colour-matching, delivery service and ongoing technical support. Production is increasing and they have now installed an automatic polishing machine to meet demand.

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