Metal Protection
Metal Protection

Metal Protection Coatings

Our focus reduces your application & drying times, without compromising protection.

Metal Protection Coatings

Physical size, weight, and substrate composition are key considerations when designing coating systems for the industries shown here. Our metal coatings feature benefits such as:

  • minimal handling
  • reduced drying times
  • speed and consistency of application

Through testing and evaluation, you can be assured of a system that is more efficient without compromising protection.

Metal Protection Coatings

Sector applications include:

Structural & General Fabrications 
Offshore & Marine Installations
Plant Equipment
Industrial Machinery
Commercial & Agricultural Vehicles
Tanks, Vats & Bunds​
Petrochemical & Utility Industries

For all of these, it is crucial to ensure the SPECIAL requirements are clarified and agreed:

Substrate type and condition
Preparation method and standards
Environment and protection level required
Curing method and limitations
Intended gloss and colour
Application method and equipment
Loss factors and area

As with every coating requirement the essential point is to have the correct products to do the job. These factors can all be addressed using an Efficient Coating System combining all or some of the following attributes:

Quality resins - high film thickness with excellent speed of application and drying
Powerful anti-corrosive agents - maximise protection and reduce material used
Direct to Substrate (DTS) - applied “wet-on-wet” these minimise application times
High-durability finishes - from acrylics to polysiloxane topcoats, providing long-term protection
Certified systems - to NORSOK M-501, ISO 12944, Railtrack, Highways Agency, WIMES etc
Reinforced products - coatings with glassflake or polycarbonate additives for extra protection

Structural Steel
Acoustic Enclosure

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Malcolm Morris. General Manager, E.H. Hassell & Sons.

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