Specialist Coatings
Specialist Coatings

Specialist Coating Systems

Projects requiring specialist coatings often raise unexpected challenges, including substrates, adhesion, finish and protection.

Kortec - Testing & Development

Such problems can affect productivity and performance, with significant financial implications. Our in-house testing facility is designed to ensure that there are no such surprises with a system we have recommended.

When a standard product is not suitable, we can develop a bespoke system to achieve your most specific outcomes. In-house testing is then followed by trials and training at your facility, to ensure you have complete confidence in the system we are supplying.

Kortec - Testing & Development

Sector applications include:

- Chemical Resistance: against fuel/lubricants, fertiliser/sewage, cosmetics, foodstuffs
- Heat Resistant: systems for exhausts, pipework, furnaces/boilers and many other areas
- Intumescent Fire Protection: certified systems for structural steel, timber/MDF substrates etc
- Unusual Substrates: coatings suitable for use on glass, GRP, ABS and other plastics
- Special Finishes: metallic, pearlescent, craquelet (crackle) and textured finishes etc


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