Varlaq Wood Coatings

When production times, robust performance and a quality finish count — choose Varlaq.

Varlaq’s extensive range gives you flexibility of choice to create the finish you want, at a price you can afford.

Waterbased, acid-catalysed, polyurethane and precat systems for all internal and external situations. Full colour-matching service to bespoke samples in addition to RAL, Pantone, BS, NCS, Dulux, and all other high-profile paint brands. Consistently high pigmentation levels and solid content ensure you achieve full opacity without the need for multiple applications.

From the bottom to the top, you can trust Varlaq to deliver.



Varlaq Outdoor systems provide dependable protection in a wide range of external environments. Ideal for hardwoods and softwoods, this range reduces the need for two separate products.
Universal primers, high-opacity UV-resistant topcoats and translucent preservative stains/lacquers combine to fulfil almost any requirement. The systems can be tinted in-house to any shade, including bespoke matches to existing finishes.
Varlaq Outdoor products are water based for minimum health and environmental risks, and their single pack formulation ensures ease of use for all systems. Certified to EN 927 standards.


Varlaq Hydro products use the most up-to-date resin technology to deliver all the benefits of water based coatings, without the historical drawbacks. Due to their low toxicity, they are ideal for use in food preparation areas, public spaces, and on children’s toys and furniture.
High-build primer and topcoat systems obliterate any grain/fibre raising, and high-clarity lacquers provide excellent UV resistance and a superb natural finish. There are single-pack and two-pack options available for various circumstances.
Drying times for the Varlaq Hydro products are faster than other similar products, and are unlikely to cause any delays in your production cycles.


Varlaq Rapid products are the most time/cost-efficient of all the Varlaq coatings. Key applications are the exhibition and smaller retail display industries; although they can be effectively used in a wider range of environments.
No product mixing is required, minimising spraying interruptions, and unused material can be stored for future use — almost eliminating product wastage. These coatings are easy to apply. They flash-off and sand very quickly; avoiding airborne contamination.
High solid contents and excellent anti-sagging properties generate a finish almost equivalent to that of an acid cat or polyurethane coating.


The Varlaq Dura systems offer increased durability and chemical resistance in comparison to pre-cat options. This makes them suitable for more demanding retail display locations, such as cosmetics stores, and also for restaurant counters and bar tops.
Whilst they are two-pack materials, they are formulated with a good balance of extended pot-life, and maintain a beneficial curing time to maximise productivity.
Primers with excellent filling and fast drying properties, premium finish topcoats with high vertical hold, and coat-on-coat lacquers with good chemical resistance form a very versatile range.


The Varlaq Dura Plus coatings impress every time with their superior abrasion and water resistance. These factors make them the obvious choice for high specification domestic kitchens, furniture, and retail displays, as well as commercial interiors.
They offer the same application performance as the acid cat products with the added benefit of faster cure times. This can increase production efficiency and reduce lead times — giving you that competitive edge.
If a high gloss surface is required, then these systems are the best choice for either an off-the-gun, or a burnished finish.

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