Efficient Coating Systems
Efficient Coating Systems

Efficient Coating Systems

Providing the desired balance between performance and productivity

Efficient Coating Systems are created around your product journey. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. A complete understanding of a product’s life cycle, and of the coating systems available, will lead to the optimum solution for each job. In fact, the right system will support the all-round commercial success of your coating processes.

The KORTEC Process

The KORTEC Process

At the heart of this is our unique approach to your situation - a step-by-step review of the existing process and the potential solutions.

Whether you are at the start of a project or are experiencing challenges down the line, the Kortec Process will address every consideration.

Strong collaboration with our clients ensures clear targets are agreed, all options considered and tested,  and solutions are carefully implemented. Results are measured against mutually determined criteria, and an ongoing review procedure put in place.

A correctly specified Efficient Coating System will generate advantages around:

Protection Performance/Durability
Drying Time & Film Weights
H&S/Environmental Factors
Ease/Speed of Application

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Useful Information

Coverage & Usage Formulas

Collated to help you calculate the paint volume required for your projects, this document provides formulas and ratios from metal weight:surface area to spreading rate and price per m2 calculations.

ISO 12944 Category information

Listed here you will find the categories for this industry standard, including typical internal/external examples, the related expected service life, and the amount of salt spray testing the coating system has to resist to meet each category specification.

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