Kortec and Jotun

As an approved distributor, Kortec hold stock of a wide range of Jotun products, and the Jotun tinting scheme is also installed, ensuring that all standard tints are available on short lead times. Bespoke specifications can be created in-house for any situation, using the Jotun SWIFT specification system. Kortec also operate the Jotun Steelmaster intumescent calculator, allowing the quick production of coverage/film thickness reports required for your fire protection projects.

Kortec and Jotun

About Jotun Coatings

Jotun are a global coatings manufacturer with a presence in over 100 countries. With headquarters are in Norway, a staff of over 9800 across the globe and a turnover of nearly US$ 2 billion in 2015, they are No.9 amongst the biggest paint companies worldwide.

There is a large Jotun production facility, sales office and research laboratory at Flixborough (near Scunthorpe) in the UK. The main product ranges in the UK focus on the metal protection and marine markets.

Jotun have nearly 100 years of experience in developing protective coatings, and their focus on innovation, research and testing guarantees that a correctly specified and applied Jotun coating will perform to the required standard. With approvals/certification to NORSOK, Railtrack, Highways Agency, ISO 12944 and many other standards, Jotun systems are proven to deliver.

The Jotun range covers almost every type of protective coating - some of the products Kortec regularly specify include:

Epoxies                                          Epoxymastics           Polyurethanes

Penguard Express (ZP/MIO)         Jotamastic 80           Hardtop Flexi
Penguard FC                                  Jotamastic 87            Hardtop HB
Penguard HB                                  Jotamastic 90           Hardtop XP
Penguard HSP                                Jotamastic Plus
Penguard Primer/Special
Penguard Topcoat

Single-Pack                            Other                          Zinc-rich

Conseal Touch-Up                 Baltoflake                    Barrier
PIlot ACR                               Chemflake                   Barrier 77
Pilot QD                                 Hardtop CA                 Barrier 80
Pilot 2 (ll)                               Solvalitt                       Barrier 90
Ultra Topcoat                         Tankguard range         Resist 78
                                                                                    Resist 86

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