Kortec and Libert

Kortec are exclusive distributors for Libert's protective coatings on the UK mainland. Their products tie in extremely well with the Kortec ethos, with a  strong focus on efficiency and productivity meaning that many of their systems incorporate short overcoating times and high protection capability to minimise wastage of time and material.

Their products cover a very extensive range of types and applications, ensuring there is an Efficient Coating System available whatever your requirement.

Kortec and Libert

About Libert Paints

Libert Paints are a leading manufacturer of industrial coatings, based in Belgium and specialising in metal protective systems. They have focussed on innovative coating types, such as MCU (moisture-cured polyurethanes) which continue to cure in cool, damp conditions where traditional coatings are significantly slower.  MCU primers offer excellent protection on many substrates, from relatively low film thicknesses. Two-pack polyurethanes that offer wet-on-wet application are also a speciality, in low to high-gloss paint and lacquer options.

A variety of accelerators and additives offer increased drying speeds and adhesion onto difficult substrates such as glass and many plastics. Many of the core products can be applied by either spray or brush/roller, making these systems excellent choices for site work or where extensive refinishing may be required.


Libert have a very wide range of products - some of those offering the most significant production or performance advantages are:

MCU                                          Polyurethanes

Polyfix                                       Cryltane AC Special
Polygloss                                   Cryltane HS Finish
Polyguard                                  Cryltane DTS 20
Polymicace                                Cryltane DTS 40
Polysilco HS Universal              Cryltane DTS 60
Polyzinc                                     Cryltane DTS 80               
                                                   Mixtane Spray
                                                   Mixtane Roller


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