Offshore and Marine
Offshore and Marine


Offshore and Marine

Whether immersed or above the waterline, coating metal anywhere near water is always a challenging situation. With the added corrosive effects of salt, seawater provides another level of threat to long-term coating durability. When combined with the abrasive actions of tidal water, sand and gravel, plus contaminants and marine life, specifications for these projects have to be considered extremely carefully.

Coating Selection

Typically multi-coat systems are required to achieve the necessary film thicknesses, so high-build coatings with powerful anti-corrosive additives will minimise the number of coats required. Traditional coating technology often means coatings with these characteristics have extended drying times, but the Kortec team are experts in selecting systems that combine premium protection with optimum production efficiency.

Product Types

Kortec draw from a wide range of products when tailoring systems to meet the requirements of these environments. The following are some of those that can be used individually or combined in many circumstances.

High-build Epoxymastic Coatings

These high-build products have extremely good abrasion and corrosion resistance properties. They are also surface-tolerant, for situations where thorough preparation is difficult. Kortec typically use Jotun's Jotamastic range, which covers several products for various applications.

Moisture-Cured (MCU) Products

Providing superb anti-corrosion protection, these have the added benefit of curing well in very damp conditions. Polyzinc and Polysilco HS Universal from Libert are typical examples of this product type.

Coat-on-Coat Polyurethanes

These two-pack products give excellent durability, and the ability to apply coats “wet-on-wet” means film thicknesses can be achieved very efficiently. Kortec have multiple options available, such as Hardtop Flexi from Jotun, Libert's Cryltane DTS range and the FerroShield products under the Ferroteq brand. each one has slightly different characterisitics to suit differing circumstances.

Glass-Flake Reinforced Coatings

Added to high-build coatings, glass-flake reinforcement provides ultimate impact and weathering protection. Products such as Jotun's Baltoflake, Marathon and Jotamastic 87 GF are proven to survive in the toughest environments.

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