Kortec and Sayerlack

As an approved distributor, Kortec operate two tinting machines dedicated to Sayerlack coatings, combined with spectrophotometer instruments to assist our bespoke colour-matching service. Bulk stocks of many of the core products are held, assuring quick delivery for the vast majority of requirements.

Drawing on years of experience, we use different combinations of Sayerlack products to create bespoke systems for individual production requirements. In partnership with Sayerlack technicians, these often push the boundaries of coating performance and challenge industry-accepted norms.

Kortec and Sayerlack

There are many specialist products available, from fire-resistant systems through high scratch-resistant lacquers to unusual finishes such as craquelet and mother-of-pearl. Stains, fillers and patinas combine with the coatings to enable the matching or creation of almost any finish required. External systems are rated to BS (EN) 927-1 and internal products certified to BS6222, BS6250, FIRA and CATAS standards are all available.

About Sayerlack Coatings

Sayerlack is a brand of The Sherwin-Williams Company, one of the top three largest paint companies in the world. Centred in Italy, Sayerlack have developed some of the most innovative and highest quality wood finishes in the market. With more than 60 years experience and a strong commitment to the environment alongside premium performance, Sayerlack coatings are at the forefront of progress in wood coatings.

Their environmental consciousness has led to the design of many superb waterbased coatings for both internal and external environments. These have all the advantages of waterbased products such as low odour and non-hazardous waste, but the traditional drawbacks of extended drying times, poor clarity and limited durability have been eliminated. The Sayerlack range also offers a full complement of solvent-based products: precat, acid-catalysed, acrylic and polyurethanes. The polyurethanes in particular offer cutting-edge performance, with superb drying times and excellent finishes both off-the-gun and burnished.

The Sayerlack product range is extremely extensive, covering almost any eventuality, but some of the products Kortec regularly use to improve P3x are:

Acid-Cat         Polyurethane      Precat            Waterbased

WU112/13         TU001/00          SU340/13       AU465/00
WZ52               TU148/13            SU700/00     AU474/13
WZ54               TU38                  SZ39               AFL31
WZ59               TU61                   SZ99               AF72
                         TZ36                                          AT48
                         TZ99                                          AT99

External           Other

AML3519/13     TU022
AM475             TZ22
AM546             IF415
AM623             IF490
AZ76                PU377/13
AZ81                PUL3366
AZ97                PL243

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