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Whatever coating system is required, you need P3x - and Kortec are the experts in this

P3x and the Kortec Process

P3x and the Kortec Process

You are the expert in whatever you produce - Kortec aim to combine that expertise with our knowledge and experience of coatings to create a system that delivers protection, performance and productivity at optimum levels.

Our focus is to assist you on the journey to your own Efficient Coating System - Pioneering through Partnership delivered by the Kortec Process.


The Importance of Paint

The first thing your clients see, and the first line of protection - coatings are crucial to the appearance and durability of your product.

Kortec fully recognise this and are totally committed to ensuring the optimum system is used to the best effect every time. For every specification, the Kortec team check that the SPECIAL requirements are clarified and agreed:

Substrate type and condition
Preparation method and standards
Environment and protection level required
Curing method and limitations
Intended gloss and colour
Application method and equipment
Loss factors and area

Variations to each one of these can affect whether a coating system will or will not work - we are passionate about making sure there are no surprises down the line.

Whatever your needs, we can help. Call us now on 0333 123 8747 or send us an email.